E. J. Foster


an American author

In 1986, for a high school writing assignment, Foster submitted a one-word essay and was awarded an A+ grade from his English teacher on the work. It was that moment when he realized he had a gift for concise writing.

In 2011, Foster began work on a TV comedy series, writing four complete scripts and outlining an entire 13-episode series. Although Amazon Studios ultimately decided not to produce the show, Foster continued telling stories.

In 2014, Foster began writing satirical news stories for a national satire web site. He eventually partnered with Paul Horner to create a news website and publish some of the most popular viral fake-news hoaxes to garner national attention. They continued writing fake-news comedy until Horner’s untimely death in September of 2017.

Foster spent over a decade working at NASA on the team that designed, built, tested and installed new upgraded hardware for the Hubble Space Telescope. His team was responsible for training astronauts on the use of custom tools and instruments to be installed on the telescope during on-orbit servicing missions. Foster helped develop a system to catalog and organize over 250,000 photos and video of space flight hardware, tools, training methods and spacewalk choreography for use during Hubble servicing missions.

He also worked on many other smaller NASA missions before being recruited by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as the ground systems engineer and satellite analyst for the US National Search and Rescue Program, known as SARSAT, and collaborating with NASA, the US Coast Guard, and US Air Force. For over a decade, Foster has continued to serve as an analyst for the US Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking program.

Today, Foster lives on an island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay just across from Annapolis and the US Naval Academy and writes a Chesapeake Bay Coastal Adventure series of novels featuring ex-astronaut Brock Finlander where he dreams up fantastical action-adventure stories that lean heavily on plausible science fiction.



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