A Brock Finlander Novel
Chesapeake Bay Coastal Adventure Series | Book 1

Anxious about being rejected by his long-lost family, a down-and-out father sets out to save his estranged daughter when her island becomes overrun with giant, mutant crabs, but when he discovers the crustacean’s enormous queen is on the verge of laying eggs he must learn that family comes first before time runs out and he loses her forever.



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E. J. Foster

An American Author

E. J. Foster is an American novelist and 20+ year veteran of NASA and NOAA and writes a Chesapeake Bay Coastal Adventure series of novels featuring ex-astronaut Brock Finlander. Foster has lived in and around Maryland and Washington, DC coastal waterways since childhood. Today, Foster lives on an island in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay just across from Annapolis and the US Naval Academy where he dreams up fantastical action-adventure stories that lean heavily on plausible science fiction.

Latest Work